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Jas International Academy

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The Jas International Academy offers training in the world's latest and most innovative hair styling and colouring techniques.

The International Academy offers students of all levels, from juniors to principals, the opportunity to enhance their skills and experience, under the guidance of one of the world's leading hair care professional.

The focus at the Academy is on 'the total look': achieving the ideal styling and colouring for each individual customer, taking into account factors such as face shape, the hair's texture and the movement, and the client's personality and lifestyle requirements.

  • Classic Cuts
  • Classic Colour
  • Innovative Styling
  • Advanced Cutting and Colouring
  • Dimensional Styling
  • Long Hair Styling
  • Creative Colour
  • Makeup Courses
  • Photographic Sessions
  • Team & Business Development
  • In-Salon Seminars
  • One Day Workshops
  • Look and Learn
  • Observation Courses


Professionals at all levels of development need to ensure that their skills are up to date and that their experience remains relevant.

In the Academy's Professional Development Courses the emphasis is on precision cutting and the development of classical styling and looks. Courses at this level are designed to enhance students on both the creative and productive levels, with a focus on both the innvovative and the efficient.

Some of the specifics topics covered include:

  • classic cuts
  • the latest developments in styling
  • colour theory and awareness
  • classic colour techniques
  • product knowledge
  • the latest development in colour 
  • presentation skills
  • styling long hair
  • career development
  • retail merchandising


The Academy's Advanced Techniques Courses are designed to assist in maximising creative potenial and income. Covering many of the world's latest and most innovative cutting and colouring techniques, these courses help in maintaining the competitive edge.

Some o the specific topics covered included:

  • Academy advanced colouring
  • advanced cutting and styling
  • dimensional techniques
  • cutting long hair
  • developing creative solutions
  • styling and makeup for photographic sessions
  • observation courses


At this level the Academy seeks to further develop the expertise of business principals and senior professionals with many years experience, through an emphasis on creative innovation and professional training of the highest standard.

In addition to the advanced cutting and styling courses also address:

  • team development
  • creative leadership
  • salon marketing
  • retail promotion
  • effective merchandising
  • team motivation
  • client development and retention
  • salon advertising